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Academic Affairs

Howard Gunston has been teaching in higher education since 2004 and currently teaches writing at Stony Brook University. A lesson plan he created on implicit bias and institutional discrimination for undergraduate writing classes, which he developed at Stony Brook University and piloted at Suffolk County Community College, was presented at the 2018 State University of New York Council on Writing (CoW) annual conference.

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Podcast Workshops

Want to launch a podcast, but don't know where to begin? Choose from a catalog of workshops that covers all stages of production. Whether participants are looking for a one-and-done presentation, or the ability to practice concepts over a series of classes, these sessions are customizable to suit an audience's needs.

Student Affairs

Drawing on his decade of experience running two student centers at Stony Brook University, Howard speaks regionally and nationally on topics of risk management, facilities, and student employment. Howard co-chairs a campus-wide student event risk management committee, oversees nearly 20,000 events annually, and his department was recognized by the State University of New York for an outstanding assessment of transferrable skills learned through student employment. In 2018, he was honored as a supervisor of the year by Stony Brook University.

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